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Why are so many Pending Sales failing?

Here in Texas the Roof is often the deal breaker in many recent home inspection negotiations, with all the recent storms we have had it is becoming a major problem. Potential buyers are finding out this is one of the most expensive fixes that might be needed after an offer has been made.

Whats even more alarming is that homes are being repaired by contractors that are not certified and when the repairs are done by uncertified roofers we are finding these roofs still wont pass inspection. This is a major concern for the buyers, sellers, and Realtors.

This only intensifies already elevated emotions and causes major issues.

Many Realtors have had mixed experiences with contractors. It is critical to find a roofing contractor that has experience doing emergency roof repairs and roof replacements during the option period without delaying closing while making sure all work that is done meets all local building codes and manufacturer installation requirements.

What is the Solution?

Starwood Roofing works with 800+ Realtors in the Texas market alone, and if you are not currently using us then we would like to introduce our services to you. We specialize in Realtor based transactions. We provide roof inspections, roof repairs, and roof replacements on residential and commercial properties to all North Texas Realtors.

Be proactive with your customers and have their roof inspected. The inspection is Free.
You can rely on Starwoods expertise to present the facts and provide you & your clients with our best recommendation. We will provide an expert assessment of the roof, and most of the time, if the roof is damaged the sellers insurance will cover the cost based on our assessment.

Starwood Roofing provides Best in Class service and is committed to providing you and your clients with the most effective and efficient roofing solutions.
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Starwood Roofing Images

Starwood Roofing is founded on the principle that the highest standards are achieved only by utilizing quality workmanship and materials, Starwood Roofing's commitment to quality, safety, and our customers have made us the most trusted roofing company in Texas.
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