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Starwood Roofing & Construction wants to make sure that your needs are always met with a friendly face. Whether you need repairs to your home or business, Starwood Roofing is your one-stop source for Roofing & Construction. Starwoods team of experts will respond quickly with the expertise you would expect from one of the country's leading roofing contractors.

We are fully insured and stand behind all of our work. Starwood Roofing understands that the insurance claim process can be very confusing. Let our expertise work for you, we have a staff with decades of experience dealing with the claims process. Starwood Roofing has established relationships as a preferred provider and would be happy to help you.

When deciding on your roof, we make sure each element is carefully chosen and is specifically designed for your home or business. Our team members are trained by the manufacturers in order to help you make the right product choices for the best roof system possible, and we will help identify the system that's right for you, the materials that are right for the job, and the options that work best for you and your budget.

When you work with Starwood Roofing as your contractor, these decisions and all the others become less daunting. Our roofing experts help you navigate the product maze, answer your questions, and identify the systems that will best meet your needs. We will explain what it takes to maintain your new roofing system, the warranty that comes with it, and can offer financing options for you to consider.

Founded on the principle that the highest standards are achieved only by utilizing quality workmanship and materials, Starwood Roofings commitment to quality, safety, and our customers have made us Americas most trusted roofing company.
Whatever your roofing needs, Starwood Roofing is known for the quality you can see and service you can depend on. Contact us today and schedule a FREE INSPECTION.

Common Questions

Do I really need to get 3 bids?
Price shopping is rarely ever in your best interest when dealing with an insurance claim and here is why.
Your insurance company agrees to pay for your property to be restored with like/kind and quality materials at fair market value pricing. The ONLY amount you are required to pay is your deductible.

Here is an example:
Your adjuster says the total cost for your roof is $10,000. You also have a $500 deductible. They are saying the fair market value for your roof should be $10,000. If you paid a roofing contractor the entire $10,000 then $9,500 was paid by the insurance company and $500 paid by you.

Lets say you get an estimate for $9,000 from a contractor. First off, this could be bad for multiple reasons but we will get to that in a second. Well, guess what? You still have a $500 deductible. Therefore, the insurance company will pay $8,500 and you will still only have to pay $500 which is a total of $9,000.

The difference between an estimate of $9,000 and a fair market value estimate of $10,000 is quite drastic. When using a reputable roofing contractor, the best available materials and labor will be used to fix your roof. If someone is willing to do it for $1,000 less, buyer beware. They are likely inexperienced and wont be around for long which is not good for maintaining warranties. They also could be using inferior materials and possibly skipping out on some materials altogether, therefore, cutting corners. On most peoples largest investment, cutting corners is never the way to go.


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